Everything you should know about dentures

Everything you should know about dentures

Posted by DR. ROOT on Oct 30 2019, 03:10 AM

Everything you should know about dentures

Dentures are oral prosthetics that are often used to replace multiple missing teeth. They are composed of ceramic teeth placed on an acrylic mold. This way, they restore the aesthetics of your smile entirely and allow you to bite and chew food like you always do.

How can missing teeth be disadvantageous?

  • First and foremost, the functionality of the mouth would take a hit. Biting and chewing food would seem difficult, which, in turn, affects your appetite as well.
  • A missing tooth allows the remaining teeth to drift from their positions. This can lead to malocclusion and a change in facial shape.
  • Unequal pressure will be applied on the teeth and jawbone, due to which there could be a pain in the jaws, TMJ, neck, and shoulders.
  • The appearance of your smile and the face as a whole would alter. Smiling with missing teeth can be quite embarrassing, especially if someone mocks you. The thought always keeps lingering around in your mind, making you feel too conscious of yourself.
  • Over time, the jawbone deteriorates or shrinks in size, leading to loosening of teeth from the sockets. Eventually, they may fall off.

How are dentures fabricated?

During the initial appointment, Dr. Root would conduct a screening and visual examination of the teeth to determine the severity of the condition. During most of the cases, dentures are suggested when all the teeth are missing. But, when you still have a few teeth intact, we can fabricate partial dentures for you. A metal framework will be used to hold the specific set of teeth in position.

Scans, photographs, and x-rays of the teeth will be taken to determine the positioning of the teeth and the volume of the underlying jawbone. The health of the gums will also be taken into consideration. A mold of the dental ridges will be taken and sent to a laboratory, where the dentures will be fabricated. During the next visit to our practice, Vero Beach dentist, Dr. Root, would place the dentures in position and check for fit and comfort. If any changes are required, they will be made.

Advantages of choosing dentures

  • The aesthetics of your smile would be enhanced massively. Your face, especially the cheeks and chin, would look much fuller, making you look younger.
  • The dentures can be customized to match your facial profile. The color, texture, and translucency of the teeth and gums can be modified as required.
  • The functionality of the mouth would return to normal.
  • The prosthetic is removable. You can easily take it off whenever you have to clean your mouth or go to sleep. They can be put back on easily.

Reach out to Root Dental, Vero Beach, and we’ll help you get the best set of dentures in Florida that would restore both your oral aesthetics and functionality.

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