Your First Visit

Your First Visit

Your first visit to Root Dental may be unlike any other dental appointment you’ve ever had. To begin with, as you step through our front door, Dr. Root and our team will have a meeting to review the specifics of your dental health. That way, every member of our team is already invested in serving you when you arrive. We want to be fully prepared to meet your dental needs on an individual level and to provide you with the best care you can have.


You’ll want to set aside about an hour for this important first appointment. When you walk in, Tamra, Sandy, and Joli will be at the front desk to greet you. They’ll introduce themselves, get you checked in, collect your New Patient Forms, offer water or coffee, let you know where you can find things within our office, and make you feel like part of our patient family.

We’ll give you this kind of care at every stage, so you’ll know what to expect. Once we get you seated in a dental chair, we’ll offer you a pillow and a blanket to make sure you’re comfortable. Then one of our team members will talk to you about your concerns, take any digital X-rays you may need, and talk to Dr. Root before he comes in to meet you.


Dr. Root will personally review your medical history, and he will spend a significant amount of time talking with you. He’ll be looking at more than just your records, though. His approach is to get to know you by getting a sense of who you really are, what you value, and how you look at your life. Dr. Root takes pride in educating his patients and getting to know them as people, not just patients. Only in this way can he really understand the solutions you are looking for. 

He will then complete a comprehensive examination that will include a full periodontal screening to assess the condition of your soft tissues and gums. He’ll also screen you for oral cancer and study your X-rays. He may take photos of areas of your mouth with an intraoral camera.

Once he has looked at you comprehensively, Dr. Root will spend time with you to explain his findings and let you know about the possible treatment options you have available to you. He will then make sure you receive a treatment plan along with a fee schedule so you can make an informed decision about the direction you want to take.


Dr. Root and Root Dental take full advantage of the most effective current technologies. Digital radiographs and x-rays are some examples of new technology that we use. These not only expose you to lower levels of radiation, but they are also immediately available for viewing on a computer monitor, so you can see what Dr. Root sees.

Another high-tech tool used by Dr. Root is the intraoral camera. This enhances your ability to see what we see by creating images of parts of your mouth and magnifying those images by as much as 100 times. Once you see an image created by this important educational communications tool, you may be amazed at how much easier it is to understand your teeth, their care, and any treatment options Dr. Root recommends.


Root Dental will always be here to answer your questions, provide information, and ease your concerns. We want to make your dental visit as convenient and comfortable as possible.

If you would like to schedule your first visit with Dr. Root, call our office or complete our online Request an Appointment form. We’ll be happy to help you find an appointment time that really works for your schedule.

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