Complete Dentures in Vero Beach, FL

Complete Dentures in Vero Beach, FL

Do you want beautiful dentures that you can actually use?

Dr. Rick Root can give you truly beautiful and long-lasting dentures. He can give you a beautiful smile makeover with your new dentures, and a smile to be proud of!

Sometimes tooth loss is inevitable. When you have decided that dentures are your best option, Dr. Root will explain the entire process to you step by step. Understanding dental choices by the personal connection are what makes Root Dental unique. 

The process of getting your dentures with Dr. Root is very comprehensive. It is a carefully planned series of appointments that is done meticulously by hand, this method gives a consistent result of quality dentures that will be as comfortable and functional as possible and will meet your appearance expectations.

Dr. Root starts by taking a series of impressions to fully register the shapes of all the relevant soft tissue structures in your mouth, as well as to determine the extent of the borders of the denture. The reason for this is that the wider the area covered by the denture, the more stable and comfortable it will be. Dr. Root then takes measurements of the width of the opening of your jaw, the positions of your jaw joints in relation to your bite, and the position of the upper jaw in relation to the lower.

Dr. Root will then choose, with you, the colors and shapes of the teeth that will best complement your appearance. He will then provide detailed instructions to the laboratory technician on how to set up your teeth. The technician will take the teeth that will become a part of your denture and set them in wax, and you will be given a chance to try them in. This will allow Dr. Root to move and re-align the dentures until the appearance and bite are optimal. The final result will be sent back to the laboratory for processing.

Patients should be aware that there is a variety of materials that can be used for both the denture teeth and the base. Using high-quality materials with a USA based lab that doesn’t cut corners guarantees a blend of comfort, durability, stain resistance, and lifelike aesthetics.

Dr. Root’s goal is to give you a long-lasting denture that you can chew comfortably and that looks beautiful!


Removable partial dentures are the affordable option to fill in spaces when teeth are missing. A patient can restore multiple edentulous areas much more inexpensively than other options. A removable partial denture consists of a metal or plastic base with acrylic teeth set on that base which fits into the missing teeth spaces and is retained by the patient’s natural teeth. Dr. Root fabricates removable partial dentures through a multistep, multi-appointment “hands-on” process. Every step of the way the patient is educated and counseled on what is being done, even down to the color of the teeth used in the partial dentures. 

Wax bites are taken to assure an accurate bite and final impressions are taken with high-quality impression material to give an exact replication of the patient mouth to the lab. The patient and Dr. Root even choose the shade of the teeth to be used in the dentures together. Everything is done meticulously to assure the fabrication of a high-quality, beautiful denture. 

Removable partial dentures repair full chewing function, improve your smile, and keep your teeth from drifting. For many patients, this is a great option! 


Sometimes additional renovation is needed for complete dentures. If a patient has a minimal amount of bone in the upper or lower jaw, this makes a traditional complete denture difficult to retain. In the past, patients just had to tolerate a loose denture or use adhesive pastes or powders to hold their dentures in place. Now, there is a solution: implant overdentures! Two to four implants can be placed in the upper or lower jaw with special ‘snap’ attachments or locator that firmly hold the denture in place. It is relatively simple, and it works! 

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