Implant Crowns and Bridges in Vero Beach, FL

Implant Crowns and Bridges in Vero Beach, FL

One of the great things about dental implants is that they feel like natural teeth. That’s because they replace the tooth root as well as the visible part of the crown, so they have the stability of real teeth. They also enable Dr. Root to replace a missing tooth without having to put crowns on the adjacent teeth, making them a more conservative treatment option.


Dental implants are titanium root forms that are surgically placed in the jawbone. During the healing process, the body surrounds them with more bone material. This process is called osseointegration, and it makes the implants a part of the jawbone.


Dr. Root works with surgeons who have specialty training for the surgical placement of the implants. Once that surgery is done, there is a healing period to allow for osseointegration. He then creates a custom-fit crown out of zirconia, a beautiful type of ceramic that is so strong it has earned the nickname “ceramic steel”. This crown is then permanently cemented to an abutment on the implant to create a long-lasting and beautiful restoration. 


In addition to restoring natural function and appearance, dental implants prevent bone loss. When a tooth is missing, the body interprets the loss to mean that the minerals in that part of the jaw are no longer needed. Those minerals are absorbed for use in other parts of the body. If only a few teeth are missing, a dental bridge can keep the other teeth in alignment, but when many teeth are missing, the process of mineral absorption will inevitably lead to facial collapse.

Facial collapse is a condition that becomes common with age which gives the face a shrunken appearance. It has potentially serious consequences because it leaves people without enough jawbone structure to comfortably support dentures, making it difficult to chew effectively.

Dr. Root offers a brief complimentary consultation if you would like to meet him and discuss your case with him but aren’t ready to commit to an exam. Please call us at Root Dental to complete our Request an Appointment form.

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