Cutting Down on Fast Food Can Improve Oral Health

Cutting Down on Fast Food Can Improve Oral Health

Posted by DR. ROOT on Mar 25 2020, 04:04 AM

Cutting Down on Fast Food Can Improve Oral Health

Fast food is bad for your waistline, but do you know it is not at all suitable for your gumline? Let us have a look at how fast food can put your oral health at risk.

Sugar in Everything

Sugar consumption has become a severe consequence for your oral health. The bacteria in your mouth feed on sugar, which produces acids damaging your tooth enamel by causing cavities. The growth of oral bacteria can lead to infection of your gums. 

Fast foods contain lots of sugar than you think. Everything in it has sugar, and with just one meal, you will easily end up having more than your suggested daily dose of sugar.

Acid Wash It Down

While eating at a fast-food restaurant, you will most probably order a combo, that comes along with a drink. These drinks contain lots of sugar. For example, a medium fast-food cola has almost 11 teaspoons of sugar. And you might think that it would be better to skip a cola and get a Starbucks instead. But actually, you are very wrong, because it also contains almost 20 teaspoons of sugar.

If you think to have a sugar-free diet soda, then that option would be a little better. We hear about the acid secreted by bacteria, which damages your enamel and gums, but soda itself is acidic. If you have a habit of consuming soda, this can lead to tooth enamel erosion, which might need extensive reconstructive dentistry for repairing.

Risk of Developing Diabetes

People who consume fast food regularly, risk of getting overweight. Obesity and high levels of sugar can lead to diabetes, which is very bad for your teeth. Diabetes can cause gum disease. This disease will make it hard to control your blood sugar, which will worsen the condition of gums. 

Repairing Tooth Damage from Your Fast-Food Habit

If you develop cavities because of high sugar consumption, then tooth-colored fillings can help in restoring your teeth. 

If your tooth starts eroding due to soda consumption, then you need a more comprehensive solution. In order to restore your damaged teeth, you will have to get a dental crown. But have control over your soda consumption because your gums still stay vulnerable. 

It is better to have fast food occasionally, instead of making it a daily habit. If you are making it a regular habit, you will have to undergo certain oral health consequences.

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